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When the Beach Calls...

Hey there, Besties and Boos!

I hope that you have enjoyed an incredible week thus far!

Firstly, I want to thank you so very much for the amazing support that you guys have given for this new blog!

This is my first time blogging, and omg, all I can say is that I LOVE it here!

It has been such a pleasure to create this content for you and it is such a blessing to have received feedback that you are finding value in it!

As a former pastor of mine used to say... "People don't always have to be nice and when they are, they don't have to be nice to youuuuu..."

That said, I want to let you know that your kindness is so very appreciated!

Enough of all the mushy stuff... you didn't come here for all that today, lol...

I don't know about y'all, but I absolutely LOVE to watch cartoons!

Intentional effort goes into my taking time to laugh and goof off daily.

Typically, I watch PBS Kids to catch their lineup of toons.

This past weekend, however, I finally took time to watch one of my new faves for the first time- Karma's World, which was created by Chris Bridges (rapper, Ludacris). Wow! Y'all- if you haven't had a chance to watch and enjoy this show... what have you been doing with your life? Lol :)

If you have a moment, I definitely recommend that you check it out while in your most comfy pj's and enjoying a big bowl of cereal :)

While we're still on the subject of playtime-

I created a social media post a couple of years ago... And I am reminded of it today.

In the post, I mentioned how I longed for the beach. And how though I had recently (at that time) relocated not far from the coast so that I could enjoy the beach more regularly, I still hadn't been able to do so because at that time, the world was on pause.

I shared in the post how, since we couldn't go to the beach, we decided to bring the beach to the crib! We decided to create an impromptu beach scene on our back deck! Lemme tell ya- we loved, loved, loved it!

Catching a bit of nostalgia, I want to share this oldie (but goodie) with you today! Don't let me be a beach bum all by myself, bestie! Once you take a peek at the video, head on over to Amazon and grab your own supplies to bring the beach to your home as well!

You might consider:

  • Sand

  • Container for your sand

  • String lights

  • Bluetooth speaker (In the comments, tell us what you'll be listening to!)

  • Margarita glasses for your mocktails (In the comments, tell us what you'll drink!)

  • Umbrellas for your drinks

  • Chaise lounge chairs to relax in

  • Monitor so that you can enjoy this video of a beach scene!

I want to help you begin to think about what you would want to share if you had the opportunity to tell your story, share your expertise, and/or build your brands (both personal and professional).

So recently, as a journaling prompt, I made this post below:

In it, I asked which 3 accomplishments that you've made are you most proud of.

No matter if they're big or small, personal, professional, or otherwise... in your response is something deeper. A story to be told and one that may very well be still unfolding.

Begin documenting, jotting down, journaling the micro-moments of this beautiful journey that you are on. Daily, record your wins. If you are battling anxiety, your win could simply be the fact that you pulled yourself out of bed and into the shower today. That's amazing and it indeed, is an accomplishment! If you have tried for many years to conceive a child and you've been gifted with the opportunity to be a parent, perhaps that is your greatest and most meaningful accomplishment. Perhaps your spiritual journey, becoming saved, is your biggest and most meaningful accomplishment. Or starting your business, graduating college, or simply surviving life during the times in which we have experienced lately. THAT in itself, is both an accomplishment and a blessing!

Whatever the accomplishment, it's yours. And yours to celebrate! Yours to feel amazing about. And if you so choose, yours to share with a world who would be inspired once they hear or read it.

Tell us all about it on your own podcast and in your own book.

Wanna know how to accomplish this for both yourself as well as your group/organization?

I can help. I work with individuals as well as groups.

If you're ready to do-do-da-dooo this, then so am I, friend!

Start here.

As we bring this thing to a close, would you please subscribe to my YouTube channel?

I have recently become more intentional about creating content and providing value there. Now, I need to begin growing it :)

Thank you in advance for your support!

Always remember: I love you. I hope that YOU love you. And please know that God loves the both of us most and He loves us best!

Be good to yourself and be good to others!

Catch you on the next time, bestie!

Love, light, and blessings to you!



Full Transparency: All opinions are my own. There are some links on my pages that are associated with affiliate partners and sponsors of my platform. If/when you click those links and make a purchase, it helps to support my platforms at no cost to you.

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