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Best Friend Check-In

This Week's Round-Up

5 Things That I'm Loving- and Hopefully, You Will, Too!

Hey there, Bestie! I hope that you have been enjoying the ABSOLUTE best week ever! Popping in on this Hump Day to spread some good energy and good vibes with you… Is that alright with you, friend?


Cast Your Vote!

I would la-la-looove for you to join in on the fun and vote in my weekly opinion poll! Call me corny, but Sis LOVES a good poll and a chance to share my two cents, lol. Here's your chance to do the same! Click the link, see what the question of the week is, and weigh in on the topic!


Teena Marie Radio

Yes, we are professionals here. And yes, we show up daily to get the job done. But we are also humans and I would think it's safe to agree that we each enjoy having a good time. In order to help lighten the mood, one of my go-to hacks is to turn on some great music to help get me moving! To be honest, my music preferences are all over the place and I love it that way! This week, I've been jammin' to my girl, my soul sista', the one and only... Lady T on Teena Marie's channel that I created on PandoraCheck it out and let me know what you think!


2 Heads are Better Than 1!

I get it. You're busy. A million things to do, only 2 hands to get them done with. Have you considered having a part-time assistant or hiring a freelancer to help you out with a few projects? Additionally, do you have tools to utilize when collaborating with your team and/or clients?

Here are a few of my faves:

  • Fiverr is great for hiring freelancers to help you with a boatload of tasks, from graphic design to website development, administrative tasks, lead generation, and so much more!

  • iWorker is a great resource for finding a virtual assistant (whether full-time or part-time) at a reasonable and affordable rate.

  • ClickUp is a great tool to use for project management, organizing ideas and processes, collaborating with team members, and so much more!

  • Google Workspace is another great suite of tools to help you stay on top of projects and to collaborate with team members.

For a more detailed list of my favorite tools

to use for this and that in business and at work, please visit and have my complete cheat sheet delivered right to your inbox!


Oldie But Goodie

Here at the following link is a conversation that is near and dear to my heart. Being intentional about connecting with fam and friends. Nurturing your network. Not being an island. So on and so forth… Life gets busy and we become less and less connected it seems. Let's be intentional about changing that narrative! I speak about it in a touching episode of the Life: Unscripted Podcast by Organized Energy. Check this out and let me know if you can relate!


It's Women's Month!

So many amazing women in your life have incredible stories to tell, wisdom and expertise to share, brands to build.

Whatever their message, podcasting is a trending way to get it to the masses!

Whether she has overcome something and wants to help someone else do the same, she's mastered something and wants to teach others the skill, or is offering something and wants to bring it to the attention of her ideal audience…

Help her grow her platform by sowing a seed into her journey by grabbing this sweet desktop calendar-like tool and resource for her.

Save 20% on our Podcast Launch "Desktop Action + Accountability Tool" when you use code: marchmadness101

SALE ENDS March 31, 2022!


Friends, thanks so much for sharing your time with me today!

Love, light, and blessings to you!

Have the best week and I can't wait to do this with you again next week!

Want more goodness? Visit here!


Full Transparency: All opinions are my own. There are some links on my pages that are associated with affiliate partners and sponsors of my platform. If/when you click those links and make a purchase, it helps to support my platforms at no cost to you.

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